RUS-79U best attachments loadout in COD mobile to use.

Call of duty mobile is one of the most played android battleground game. Too many guns and their customization we have. As we progress in level and the same when we reach level 8 we get RUS-79U SMG. This submachine gun is when used smartly then it can be a reason of your victory. In multiplayer mode and in battleroyale mode this SMG RUS-79U is used for close combat fight. Even our top leaderboard players prefer this SMG gun to showcase their quick kill skill.Let see RUS-79U Best Attachments Loadout In COD Mobile that you should prefer.

RUS-79U SMG attachment that you should use.

The given attachments of RUS-79U mainly focus on the mobility of the gun. Although it has a good fire rate similar to AK117 and damage in also awesome as being SMG. The most important part of SMG is its mobility. As good mobility will improve your run and kill play skill in multiplayer matches. Must watch @GODSGAMING RUS-79U attachments guide and game play.

  • Barrel – MIP Light Barrel (Short)
  • Stock – OWC Skeleton Stock
  • Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition – 38 Round Fast Reload 
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

You can also prefer this attachment in Battleroyale mode. but remember in battleroyale use this gun when the enemy is near to you. Do not use it while taking distance fight or in open area.
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Although their is always a negative point while customizing weapons in COD mobile.
As we are focusing on,
Increasing –  Mobility of the gun by 19 points which help us to improve the response time of of gun also improve ADS response.
Decreases – As said before it will decrease the Accuracy by 2 points and controls by 7 points. But this will not affect a lot in your performance as many of the top players use these attachments in his priority.

Other loadouts with RUS-79U to use in multiplayer

As of know we are set up in fire with this best attachments but in multiplayer what other combinations in the same loadout we should use? let see

  • Secondary weapon – Pistol(J358/.50GS)  As running and gunning with RUS-79u can decrease your ammo and at that time you need backup. This is why having pistol in second hand can help you to survive long .
  • Operator Skill – death Machine, This machine gun will help you to kill whole team if together. and if the enemy is shooting from distance then using smg is sometime a bad option. Use this skill whenever you found 3-4 enemy together as at that time SMG due to its high fire rate and low ammo capacity can be bad for you to reload again and again.
  • Lethal – Trip mine, use this at that place where mostly enemy use to pass through as it will instantly kill that enemy.
  • Tactical –  Concussion Grenade, This will slow down the enemy movement making it easier to instantly kill with SMG or Pistol.
  • Perk – Lightweight, Ghost, Hardline.

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This is all about RUS-79U Best Attachments and loadouts that definitely improve your skill and kills in match. Do some practice with it as this will take some time to have a perfect hand in this submachine gun. Hope you find this article helpful do comment if you more ideas about different games. 

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