5 Best free emulator to use android apps. games in windows/mac

An Android emulator is a software application that help you to run all android application in that computer with similar user interface as you see in your android phones. It allows you to use android application in a big monitor of your computer/laptops and also helps you to play all android games easily with your mouse and keyboard. This will be too easy for players to use keyboard for their game controls to have a professional combat and wide view.  

Following is a best performing software you should use to have android platform just in your computer/laptops. have a look on their requirements and get it installed in your device with provided link. 

5 best android emulator for windows

1. LD Player

This is a best performing platform where you will get an ideal android platform to work or play on. This software is totally free to use and easy installation almost every game has a perfect and customizeable  key binding where you can change and edit it according to your wish to have a better experience.  

  • Need at least  4 GB RAM to work smoothly. 
  • Free of cost. 
  • You can play one or more games or applications simultaneously. 
  • compatible in any windows PC . 
  • High custom graphics and FPS . 

2. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a one of the most well known android emulator it has various features a better key bindings and smooth controls. you may use this software to play and experience a amazing performance. A secure platform with 2m+ games and 500m+ gamers across the globe.   

  • May lag a little in 4GB RAM PCs due to its high FPS and performance. 
  • Free of cost but some premium features are paid. 
  • You can play one or more games or applications simultaneously. 
  • compatible in any Microsoft windows /Apple MAC OS. 
  • High custom graphics , FPS and performance
  • good security. 
  • you can record your gameplay and audio here. 

3. Gameloop

Gameloop is the most ideal platform for gaming. It includes various popular game like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty Mobile. you can use it on your desktop to play android games in PCs. provided a custom key mapping for all your moves specially designed for PUBG mobile but here you can play various games with a  better quality. 

  • Gameloop will allow you to play pubg mobile with a better security and FPS. 
  • Users can customize PUBG mobile’s controls as per their needs. 
  • And the good thing is here you don’t need to create any account for play store so i prefer PUBG mobile in this emulator only. 
  • A low end computer can also handle this software. 
  • Run in Windows/Mac. 

4. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is another android simulator for windows/mac to play and use android applications. its UI is a bit more interesting than other emulators. you can also use this if u need some looks as well as performance.  

  • Nox Player is one of the best emulator for windows/mac that offers open keyboard mapping. 
  • Nox player comes with a default macro recorder help to record the complex operations. 
  • It offers the best user interface and a good gaming experience. 
  • Runs in both Windows/Mac. 

5. Memu

Last but not least from the variety of top performing emulators memu is one of them who give a best user friendly interface for applications. A similar platform like mention above it also has a various features. 

  • Easy to use and compatible for each and every PCs  
  • Provided a virtualization option for you. 
  • Can easily run on any computer and graphics need atleast 4GB ram. 
  • supported in android and Microsoft windows only 

These are the best 5 android emulator which you should use. Hope in future we will get some more advanced software but till now these platforms will never feel you bad while using hope you enjoy. 

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